Borrower is a metal band founded in Presicce (Lecce, Italy) in November 1993 by Frank Formoso (drums), Mass Ratano (guitar / vocals) and Salvatore “Totu” Civilla (bass). The band was born from a rib of the dissolved “The Waywards”.
They record the first “Black Fire” demo containing three tracks, including Black Fire, Queer Street (Waywards cover) and Borrower.
After a first period as a trio, Luigi Calò is hired on the lead guitar.
After a short time Salvatore “Totu” Civilla leaves the group because some personals.
Start the search for bass player and, after several disappointing auditions, they engage Tony Apruzzi. Gigs and participation in festivals follow.
In the summer of 1995 they recorded “Barrier of Truth” according to tape work recorded with a Four-tracks Vestax.
They continue to play where getting the opportunity and in 1996 they record their third work titled “Borrower”, this time in direct recording.
Towards the end of 1996, the band stopped for a break due to Frank Formoso’s transfer abroad. Live activity continues until 1999, but only when the drummer returns to Italy and the group manages to get together.
From 1999 to 2004 they stop and continue each with different parallel projects.
In 2005 they gathered and recorded “Not of this world”. A couple of live will follow but they will not be able to promote the album in time because strictly personal reasons will force them to split.
The 2016 Frank, Mass and Totu reunite under the 1993 original lineup. They begin to work on old and new material and a new image that sees the release on March 30, 2018 of “A Plague Chapter …”, a new ep anticipated by the video of the single “The Mower”.
The new album represents a step forward for the band, which from now on uses costumes stage masks, representing armored killer demons armed with blades and circular saws inspired by the genre of exploitation film.